What A Semester

Well we have one more regular class left and what a ride it has been. Im real glad we have gotten to perform different tasks in running a show, its a great experience. It was truly alot of hard work this semester but i am very thankful for the experience with the trials and tribulations. Its always good when you have great classmates as well.

Blog Post #4

Getting closer and closer to the semester being over. Finished working on my commercial and it was fun working with my partner Grace on it.

Blog Post #3

Learning the aspects of directing a TV show has been great, definitely a great way to get more experience with cues and working with the equipment.

Blog Post #2

Well I really enjoyed the first experience of shooting a commercial. Today we are working on directing a show, looking forward to that experience as well.

My Experience In Class

Currently in Multimedia Production, Grace and I are in the process of shooting a 30 second commercial. I look at this as a great experience with hands on learning with shooting with the camera and putting together a project. I look forward to getting better with shooting with a video camera and also putting video material together in a organized way. That is the one great thing i can take from this class, learning more behind the scenes material and how to perform different technical tasks.